Be the grandparent they tell their own grandkids about.

The one who built their awesome childhood memories.

Hi! I’m Coral…

I didn’t get to connect with my own grandparents because I grew up half a world away, the daughter of immigrant parents. I’ve always felt I lost out – and now I find myself with only one grandchild living nearby!

I’m a retired teacher. I worked with preschoolers my entire career and I’ve seen over and over that connections made with them, last.

So I put my training and experience to work building foundations with my own grandkids through their early years – so they don’t miss out too. How I do it can be found on this website. I hope it helps.

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Be the Grandparent Who Understands

TIMES HAVE CHANGED. We can build stronger connections with our preschool-aged grandkids when we’re up to date with why they behave as they do and why modern parents do things differently. My weekly blog articles will help.

My Blog – Understanding preschoolers

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Be the Grandparent Who Reaches Out

Few of us today live close to all our grandkids (I don’t) and we can’t rely on travel alone to build strong connections. So I’ve devised simple ways to build and strengthen my own connections from a distance.

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You’ve Got Mail!

Thrill your preschooler grandchild with an activity parcel every 2 weeks. One that you put together.

CONNECTIONS ARE BUILT OVER TIME. Send them a regular parcel – a personal treat from you, an activity they’ll love. Every 2 weeks. I’ve chosen the activities based on my experience with 1000s of under 6s (and my own grandkids!) – you can take all the credit! 🙂

$39 • 26 parcels • Free trial

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Staying in the Picture

Giving pictures to our preschool grandkids – of ourselves and the wider family – is surprisingly important. Here’s how to do it.

(24 pages • $7)

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Play Kits You Haven’t Thought Of!

Heuristic play kits are not the fanciest looking gifts but they’re a must-have in the first 18 mths – ask any mum who’s got one.

(33 pages • $7)

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Conversations With Grandkids

Simple tricks I learned in early childhood for keeping the conversation going with preschoolers.

(13 pages • $7)

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Be the Grandparent Who Makes Them Feel Special

When the grandkids visit we want to make it special for them – so they’ll want to keep coming back! Engaging with preschoolers was my profession. I’ve learned a few things over the years…

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Surprise ‘n Delight

Make their visits even better!

Have up your sleeve 18 easy-to-prepare learning activities for when your preschooler grandkids visit.

Tried and tested fun “surprises” with simple unexpected effects that fascinate (and teach). You’ll have full explanations of what’s happening too, so you’re not caught out with “Why?” questions! 🙂

FREE • Lifetime access

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When They Come to Stay

See how I make their visits something they’ll tell their own grandchildren about!

(31 pages • $7)

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Junk Worth Keeping

Things we usually throw away can delight and stimulate our grandkids when they visit.

(58 pages • $7)

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Taking Pictures to Cherish

Four simple tips for taking better brag pictures of our grandchildren!

(45 pages • $7)

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The last living people to remember us will be our grandchildren…

…we should probably make it a good memory. 🙂